What’s your dream?

Single Shot Sunday guests l-r Craig Lucas, Sarah Jane Thomas & Chad Saaiman (c) Newton Stanford
12 July 2017

Intersecting the art forms of music, drama and fashion, the folk passing through our doors the last while have that. A dream. And with that, bucket loads of passion. Stand close enough, and it permeates the force field around them.

Take Fleur du Cap theatre award nominee, Daniel Mpilo Richards for one. He’s had over 100 performances of satire, Pay Back the Curry, because hard work and consistency are traits needed to make dreams come true.

Or aspiring photographers who attended a Jean Noir international photography workshop, because mentors and leaders in the field shine a light on the road to success.

Have you heard of Single Shot Sundays? It casts spotlight on local music performances, produced and filmed for our appreciation. Because collaborating with like-minded folk help us fly higher and co-create the domain of dreams.

What’s your dream?

We have another giveaway. Would you like a Mevrou & Co. t-shirt? Email us and it could be yours. And congratulations to Caryn and Craig, who won The Monocle Guide to Better Living prize in our last giveaway.

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